Containerized development has taken the world of software development to a new shift in terms of how the developers now write, test, and deploy the applications. While earlier, we needed specific applications downloaded and installed on our machines to write and execute a certain piece of code, it’s no longer…

A broken heart, a bruised soul.

Picking the pieces to make a whole.

Nights filled with scary dreams.

They send me into astral realms.

All that I see is that I can’t see.

I am not tied nor I am free.

Something there is pulling me down.

And this very instant I drown.

I try to walk but my feet feel heavy.

Struggling my way through the road that’s privy.

I still hope I find my way to light.

I still hope I soon will make it all right.

This article is for beginners who are starting their way into RESTful web services testing. Let’s start with the very basic question. What is a web service?

With the ever-increasing use of the internet and the advent of Cloud transformation, REST APIs as the backbone of all Web and Cloud development have become paramount. What has grown along with this is the need of skilled testing professionals and amazing automation frameworks to perform efficient testing of these…

Priyadarshani Pandey

Software QA and Development Professional with over 11 years of experience. Writer and technophile.

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